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Bridle 'Amber' 2 in 1

Bridle 'Amber' 2 in 1
Bridle 'Amber' 2 in 1
Bridle 'Amber' 2 in 1
Bridle 'Amber' 2 in 1
Bridle 'Amber' 2 in 1
Stunning Sidepull

Bitless bridle, comfortable side-pull / head stall with removable noseband so can also be used as regular bridle with bit.

The head stall is adjustable at both sides, souble stitched and comes with engraved chicago screws. Also included is a curb strap and two horse hair tassels. The side-pull noseband is braided and reinforced with a stronger core; the throat latch is also braided round and can be tied to a knot. The brow band is flat braided.ery beautifull bitless Sidepull with removable noseband so could be converted into a standard bridle with bit. 

  • Barefoot 'Amber 2 in 1' is made from the finest brazilian leather combined with hand-braided mountaineering rope
  • fully adjustable
  • 2 in 1 bridle - noseband can be removed and bit of your choice attached (by opening chicago nuts)
  • two pretty horsehair tassels further enhance the look of this bridle
  • matching reins - english & western - available to purchase separately
  • round braided (with strong inner core) noseband and throatlash, flat browband

Size : Cob, Full

Colour : Cognac/Orange, Brown/Black, Black/Blue

BF_ICON_LEATHER          2-in-1

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