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Barefoot Physiological Saddle System
The back of our Riding Horse has to withstand a lot during its life time. Reason enought to look at the horse's back from a physiological point of view: The horse's back has not been developed to carry the weight of a rider & saddle.
Only through correct schooling, under a saddle that fits, can a horse learn to arch his back and step underneath himself with his backhand. Only then will the horse build up enough muscle, to support the spine - that is how the horse, over time, develops into a Riding Horse.
The horses spine is at its most suited to carry weight between the withers and the 15th/16th thoracic vertebrae. That is the place where the horse can best balance the rider's & saddle's weight.   
Comfort  and Healthy Horse's Back
Barefoot Saddles are anatomically shaped to the horses topline and flexible in all directions - without a rigid tree. They therefore ideally adapt to the horse's back and allow flowing movement from the shoulders and at the same time allow the arching of the horse's back. Spine and withers stay constantly free. The sensitive shoulders and back part of the horse's back are kept free of any pressure. Barefoot Saddles place the rider in the correct position between the withers and the 15th/16th thoracic vertebrae and help the horse balance the riders weight.
Comfort for the Rider
Barefoot Saddles adapt to different trainings and weight stages or changes to the horses back due to age. Regular re flocking or buying new saddles has become a thing of the past. Barefoot Saddles allow close contact to the horse, ideal for beginner riders or riding for the disabled. Barefoot Saddles allow for a confortable and soft seating, even on long rides. They fit 99% of all horse's backs, ideal for riding school use. They are very light. They can ease back problems as they transfer the horses movement in a soft springy way.
Barefoot Saddle System with VPS

Barefood Saddle

A elastic, stable and low material combination of shock absorbing Elastomer and pressure distributing Polymer distribute the rider's & saddle's weight to the optimum over the greatest possible area. The soft panel construction to the left and right of the spine allow for a distinct spinal channel and guarantie constant spinal & wither clearanance. The rider's weight is still distributed over the whole saddle area, even when standing in the stirrups (Rising Trot) - there is no weight limit. We only use smooth surface outer materials which do not settle unevenly or develop hard spots. (Barefoot do not use upholstery materials!) Towards the horse's back a dense fleece forms a soft underside which evens out any slight uneveness.
With  a pressure test whilst moving, it becomes visible in which stage of movement and on which points the saddle causes unwelcome pressure points on the horse's back. An evaluation of the pressure distributing properties of the saddle becomes possible.
All Barefoot Saddles have been put through objective pressure tests. The analysis shows the pressure in form of a colour graffic, captured by sensors under the saddle.
All Barefoot Saddles performed to the optimum in terms of pressure distribution : even under heavy riders and during rising trot no pressure points developed.
Pressure points in the area of the seat bones, on the shoulders and also bridging is excluded. All saddles allow wither & spinal clearance.
All Barefoot pressure tests are in the 'green' area!
Barefoot Pads
Specially designed and fitted Saddle Pads complement the Barefoot Saddle System. Barefoot Physio Pads support the aborbing / distributing of pressure for high demands on long rides, heavier riders or horses with vsible spinal processes. Barefoot Special Pads compliment the saddle systems in terms of ideal pressure distribution and pressure absorbtion for everyday use. The pads offer additional comfort due to their temperature regulating, moisture absorbing and anti-slip undersides. All pads can be individually padded with the use of shims.