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Barefoot 'Barrydale'

Barefoot 'Barrydale'
Barefoot 'Barrydale'
Barefoot 'Barrydale'
Barefoot 'Barrydale'
Barefoot GP / Dressage Model
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  • anatomically knee rolls
  • the saddle frames the rider
  • deep and very secure seat
  • ideal for long distance rides
  • bicoloured, very soft Nubuck leather

The anatomically shaped, duo-coloured, soft Nubuck leather saddle has knee rolls incorporated in the detachable seat which frame the rider to allow for a deep and very secure seat whether out hacking or schooling.
The Barefoot 'Barrydale' is particularly popular with Endurance Riders. Your legs are precisely positioned, the saddle stays secure, the horse's back pressure free - a must especially on long distance rides.

The stirrup bar can be freely positioned between saddle & seat to suit your preferred seat position & your size.

Flexible, V-shaped girthing system suitable for even difficult girth positions. Saddle lies a little further forward than conventional saddles, therefore positions the rider directly above the horse's centre of gravity. Your horse will therefore find it easier to balance your weight.

With this addle you will feel your horse's muscles work and the movement of his back, the basic requirement for more advanced riding.

9 D-rings to secure saddle pad and luggage. As with all Barefoot Saddle Models, the pommel insert (medium size) can be exchanged.  (different width inserts are available for purchase separately)

  • flexible in all directions
  • no pressure so therefore no restriction to muscle build up
  • movable stirrup bar
  • flexible V-shaped girthing system
  • VPS system
  • large, anatomically shaped knee rolls
  • weight only approx 6kg (depending on saddle size)

Sizes 1 & 2

Colours: Black/Grey, Dark Brown / Hazlenut or Black

Balancing saddles through the saddle pad

Pommel insert measuring template

Using the Barefoot Saddle System

Correct change of Barefoot Front Pommel

Care and Maintenance of Barefoot Products



A = length of saddle

B = length of seat

C = length of skirt / saddle flap

Barefoot saddles are hand made. This makes every saddle unique. The measurements are therefore just reference points and can vary slightly.

Size 1:  recommended for clothes sizes : 

Ladies 10-12 Gents 28-32

A = approx. 51 cm  B =  approx. 34 cm  C = approx 55cm  

Size 2 : recommended for clothes size : 

Ladies 14-18 Gents : 34-38

A = approx. 56 cm   B = approx. 39 cm   C = approx. 57cm

Please note: The lenght of the saddle (A) is the overall length. As there is no pressure at all in the rear part, the horse can move freely. Even if the saddle looks a little too long on your horse, choose the size according to your measurements. It is very important that the saddle fits the rider well, so he has enough space between thighs and pommel and does not sit on the pommel or cantle, which would limit the saddles adaptability. The horse's back is free of any pressure at the rear - the Barefoot can even be lifted slightly at the cantle with a rider on board.

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